• In brief summary, the client was struck on an offset-head on crash. He sustained a fractured sternum, thumb and a neck strain.
  • In brief summary, the client was bitten in the leg by a dog that was running loose in her neighborhood.  Dr Collini did a cosmetic repair.   This claim was made on the dog owner’s homeowner’s policy.
  • Our client was rear ended and sustained soft tissue injuries.  Although this is a minor case, it was a complex one.  She was in two accidents very close to one another – 11/22/19 (for which she was limited tort) and then this accident on 4/20/20.  Fortunately, on our advice, she changed to full tort just before the second accident.  I settled the first accident case several weeks ago, so these matter will now be fully concluded in just over a year, despite the complex circumstances.
  • A client who was involved in a T-bone collision just off the Firefighter’s Memorial Bridge coming in to West Pittston, sustained neck and back injuries. We also alleged her career as a teacher’s aid was cut short due to her injuries.
  • 3rd Party Motor Vehicle Collision Settlement for injures sustained after another car ran a red light.
  • Facial Laceration, orbital fractures, and concussion from being struck with beer bottle by patron in bar.
  • Settlement for minor injuries sustained by a pedestrian who was struck by a pickup truck.
  • Settlement for auto accident - shoulder injuries and property damage.
  • 3rd party settlement & UIM settlement in T-bone-type auto accident with spinal injuries.
  • Trip and fall settlement.
  • Settlement arising out of a head injury due to a parking gate mishap.
  • Settlement due to head injury sustained in multi-car pileup.
  • 3rd party settlement & UIM settlement in a motor vehicle accident case involving a hip injury.
  • Settlement for husband and wife soft tissue injuries in a motor vehicle accident.
  • Assault settlement due to damages brought on by a sexual assault.
  • Auto accident settlement involving soft tissue injuries.
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