It’s important to have an attorney and a law firm you can trust when a legal matter arises and especially when mapping out your estate plan.

Complexity of Estate Planning

A misplaced word or missing phrase in an estate planning instrument such as a will or trust can change the entire intent. Do-it-yourself internet forms are not the answer. Estate planning is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Every individual’s circumstances are unique. “To establish your estate planning goals and a strategy to meet them it is extremely beneficial to have the assistance of an experienced estate planning attorney,” says HKQ Attorney Richard Bishop.

An estate plan created by HKQ will help ensure that your assets are transferred to those you wish to receive them in a timely fashion while minimizing the amount of taxes that need to be paid on the transferred property.

Estate planning can present special challenges. For instance, a surviving partner of an unmarried couple doesn't have the right to receive an intestate share. Under circumstances such as this, a cohabitation agreement can be utilized to fairly divide assets and property if and when the relationship comes to an end. Non-traditional relationships require special attention to ensure your health care, property division and funeral arrangements are carried out while protecting loved ones.

Elder care planning will help you protect what your parents (or yourself) worked so hard to accumulate for surviving children or grandchildren. HKQ assists in planning asset distribution, long-term care needs including nursing home, assisted living or in-home care, Medicaid planning and powers of attorney or health care proxies. We can help you and your family plan for the potentially devastating costs of long-term care.

Transferring assets to a person who may not be mature enough to manage financial affairs can be a risky endeavor. HKQ can address the situation by drafting a trust with spendthrift provisions. Preserving the assets acquired during a lifetime is an important but complex component of estate planning. HKQ can help preserve those assets with long term care and Medicaid planning.

HKQ can help answer these and other important questions. Our Estate Planning Team can assist you with estate planning, estate administration, trusts, elder care planning, inheritance tax and non-traditional relationship planning and much more.

To speak with an Estate Planning Attorney, call HKQ at (800)-760-1529. Find us on Facebook, Instagram and at www.HKQLaw.com. No one will work harder for you.

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