Trust Attorneys

Ensure that your assets are handled in the way you want them to be during your life and after you are gone.

The Trust Lawyers at Hourigan, Kluger & Quinn can help you set up revocable or irrevocable trusts so that your assets are placed in a trust for tax-reduction purposes, shelter reasons and implementation of your intentions, not only during your life, but also after you pass away. The creation of a trust allows you to set up an independent entity that will continue on beyond your lifetime. When you pass on, your trust continues to carry out your wishes.

The lawyers at Hourigan, Kluger & Quinn have significant experience in creating many different types of trusts including spendthrift trusts, marital deduction trusts, special needs trusts, generation skipping trusts, minority trusts, education trusts, asset protection trusts, life insurance trusts, revocable living trusts, charitable trusts and testamentary trusts.

There are many advantages to creating trusts including asset protection to you and your loved ones during your life and after your demise. Meeting with one of the estate planning lawyers in the firm will allow you to ask questions and determine what type of trust, if any, may best suit your current needs.