7 Causes Of Deadly Motorcycle Accidents

According to an NHTSA report published in 2020, There were 4,985 motorcyclists killed in motor vehicle traffic crashes throughout the United States. Without airbags or safety restraints, riders who are involved in a collision are exposed to catastrophic injury and often death.

There are over 800,000 licensed motorcyclists in PA*. According to PennDOT, 94.3% of motorcycle fatalities** involve drivers. Over 5% were passengers, increasing 10% from previously reported year.

*in 2021 **in 2019


1. Unsafe Lane Changes
Any lane change should never be done without first, checking your blind spots. Be aware of your surroundings, then proceed gradually when safe. Make sure to use your signals or hand signs, and then maintain ample room between the motorcycle and other vehicles.
2. Right-of-Way Violations
All too often, distracted driving causes accidents. As a motorcyclist, be aware of other motorists who may turn into your path. Driving defensively and keeping an eye out for other drivers, can prevent an accidental collision.
3. Rear-End Accidents
Always maintain a safe distance between you and other vehicles. Don’t make sudden stops and don’t tailgate.
4. Door Collisions
If you are operating a vehicle, always check your surroundings for motorcycles before opening your door. Opening a door in the path of an oncoming motorcycle can result in injury. Keep this tip in mind for pedstrians and bicycles as well.
5. Dangerous Road Conditions
Potholes, debris, road conditions and construction zones can contribute to a motorcycle collision. When possible, refrain from driving in these conditions. If you must drive, obey traffic laws and be alert for hazards.
6. Speeding
Since motorcycles do not have airbags, it’s important to obey the speed limit to avoid serious injury or death.
7. Mechanical Problems
Mechanical issues can cause a motorcycle to malfunction. Keep your motorcyle in good operating order by having an experienced motorcycle mechanic check fluid levels, transmission, clutch, battery, brakes and other parts.


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