Estate Planning Attorneys

Estate planning attorneys help you legally determine how your assets will be managed during your lifetime & how to distribute them after your death.

No matter your age or situation, planning for the future is something you should not avoid.

At Hourigan, Kluger & Quinn, our caring team of estate planning attorneys will help you plan for the future. We’ll make sound legal decisions about your intentions and the administration of your estate. By guiding you through tax implications, we make sure you have all the appropriate documents in place to make your intentions clear. This way your loved ones don’t have to struggle with difficult decisions in their time of sorrow.


Wilkes Barre Estate Planning AttorneysEstate Planning: How will you protect your spouse and children when you’re gone, or unable to make important decisions? We offer estate planning services such as: health care directives, HIPPA forms, powers of attorney, wills, living wills, trusts, tax-advantageous gift planning, as well as pre-nuptial agreements and asset protection.

Scranton & Wilkes Barre Estate Administration LawyersEstate Administration: Were you just named the executor of an estate, or have questions about death taxes or contested wills? We’ll assist you with estate fiduciary obligation, PA inheritance tax, Federal estate tax and contested wills.

Wilkes Barre Trust LawyersMinor & Incapacitated Trust: What if you are gone before your children come of age, or are unable to care for themselves? You’ll want an experience guardianship attorney to protect your ward’s best interests.

Elderly Care Planning Lawyers in Wilkes Barre & ScrantonElderly Care Planning: With the elderly population growing, protect what your parents (or yourself) worked so hard for. Hourigan, Kluger & Quinn assists in planning asset distribution, long-term care needs including nursing home, assisted or in-home care, Medicaid planning, and powers of attorney or health care proxies. In addition, we can help you and your family plan for the potentially devastating costs of long-term health care.

Inheritance Tax Lawyers in Wilkes Barre & ScrantonInheritance Tax: No matter the amount of inherited property, or relationship to the deceased, Pennsylvania imposes an inheritance tax on most beneficiaries. Depending on your relationship your tax rate may vary.

Domestic Partnerships, Pre Nuptial, Family Estate Planning LawyersNon-traditional Relationships: With a large amount of non-traditional families like blended (stepparents & stepchildren), unmarried, homosexual or heterosexual, with or without children – these family dynamics require special arrangements. Make sure your health care, property division and funeral arrangements are carried out, all while protecting your beneficiaries.

When planning for your future, no matter the size or situation, our team of experienced Estate Planning attorneys will provide you and your family with knowledgeable advice and strategies.