Firm Thinking - Episode 1

Introduction - 8/31/20

#FirmThinking is a podcast created by the Law Firm of Hourigan Kluger and Quinn @HKQLaw.

Topics vary from legal matters to current events. This is the first in a series. Hosts Attorney Michael Lombardo and Attorney Nicole Santo make their introductions and lay out the purpose and overview of the upcoming podcasts.

Nicole Santo: [00:00:11] Hi, everyone, welcome to Hourigan, Kluger and Quinn's first podcast episode of Firm Thinking. My name is Nicole Santo, and I'm Mike Lombardo. And we are here today to share with you some some thoughts that we have about the legal community. We're going to have multiple attorneys from our firm on this podcast sharing their ideas, talking about legal issues, talking about community events and many things that they're involved in. We're really excited. But you have to bear with us because we are very new to this and we expect there to be some flubs, but we are very excited to share our views with all of you.

Michale Lombardo: [00:00:46] Yes. This is our first stab at this. We've had a couple we've had a couple of takes so far this morning. But we're we're trying to get in a rhythm here. And I think that as we progress, we'll get better at it. And we just kind of want to have a conversation between lawyers and bring our guests and bring some friends that we have in the community. Obviously, both of us are. And our other members of the firm are involved in many different clubs and sporting groups and community activities. And we're going to share some of that with you. But we're also going to dive into some serious topics in the community as well.

Nicole Santo: [00:01:16] Right. And we're really lucky here because we have nearly 20 attorneys. So we have a lot of different perspectives, a lot of different involvement in the community. So we hope to bring a really good group diversity in terms of issues. And most importantly, we want to hear from you. Is there something that you would like to discuss with us? Is there something, a topic that you would like to hear us discuss with you? This is meant to be interactive. So anything that you would like us to discuss or to talk about. We'd love to hear from you.

Michale Lombardo: [00:01:46] And I think this podcast kind of grew out of just kind of casual conversations that we had in the social setting. We as we as lawyers bring a different perspective on on issues. And when we're out and about people, I always kind of want to hear, what do you think? You're a lawyer? What do you think? You hear that a lot. And I think it does give us a unique perspective. But even when we're in whether it's in the office or in a work setting or when we're out in a social setting, we kind of bring a more spirited debate to different topics. And I think that the way that we're we're trained to think as lawyers, sort of that analytical bent on things gives us a unique perspective on issues. So I think it's kind of blending that and also blending some of the things that we do outside the four walls of this office. That could bring an interesting perspective to just some of the things that are going on in our community. And obviously there's a lot of things that that people want to talk about. We're outside right now because of coronavirus and trying to trying to stay a little bit safer. And that's obviously a big, big topic as we're recording this. Kids are going back to school and there's a lot of issues with that, not the least of which is sports, which is something that's very important in our community. And we want to talk about how we're going to transition to that and maybe how we get back to normal life. That's something that we're going to talk about. What are some of the other things you think that that we can talk about?

Nicole Santo: [00:03:06] One of the other things that we'll definitely discuss issues in the same vein as kids going back to school. We'll also be discussing our charitable organization, HQ Kids, or we focus on promoting kids safety. So we look forward to having some episodes where we focus on certain events pertaining to kids and keeping them safe in the community. We I mean, there's countless things that, you know.

Michale Lombardo: [00:03:30] Yeah. And I think one of the things that's always interesting is criminal. We're not criminal attorneys. This is a civil law firm, but we're still trained in the law. And we have a lot of friends that work in the criminal law, both in the in the prosecutor's office and the district attorney's office and in the in the defense bar. So I think that there's always things that are going on in our community and in the country. Obviously, now is a time of serious unrest in our country. So there's there's interesting issues that are not just in the civil world that we live in, but within the criminal criminal world. And I think that we can bring our our perspective on that. And I think it's kind of like bringing people along for a conversation that we would maybe have a, you know, if we're going out for dinner or something like that or just kind of hanging around each other's houses. It's a conversation that we would have that we've kind of found. It's interesting, like you kind of step back saying, wow, I would be nice to let other people hear us kind of batting around the issues.

Michale Lombardo: [00:04:28] So I think it's kind of bringing that and putting it out in the public domain and seeing what people think and letting them interact with us in a setting that we don't always get to do.

Michale Lombardo: [00:04:39] And the other thing is now with with coronavirus, you really can't be as social as as you could have before all of this. So this gives us an opportunity to at least interact electronically with folks that we don't really have now. Hopefully, you know, we're you know, the numbers seem to be improving a little bit, Luzerne County. But at least in the meantime, it gives us a chance to interact electronically with people. That's right.

Nicole Santo: [00:05:06] And and we look forward to bringing various guests on to help you communicate with you all and discuss the various topics that we're looking forward to discussing with you. So with that, we're very excited to begin this podcast and excited to share it all with you. And hopefully this will be an interactive experience.

Michale Lombardo: [00:05:23] And and we're going have some fun with it. And we'll we'll introduce you to some of the other members of our firm and some some really cool people in the community. And we're not going to be stiff. It's not going to be like a TV commercial. It's going to be fun. And I think you're enjoy it. So please continue to tune in.

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