• More than $32,000,000 will be paid to settle lawsuits filed by families of the 17 passengers killed when their plane crashed in Bear Creek Township, according to a lead lawyer for the families. READ MORE
  • The families of two young Susquehanna County men, electrocuted while installing a new roof on a house, will receive nearly $30,000,000 as a result of an out of court settlement, the Sunday Independent has learned. READ MORE
  • Kristie's Family Get Record-Setting $16 Million Verdict. The lawsuit against PG&W began three years ago, after eight year old Kristie Emershaw died of carbon-monoxide poisoning. READ MORE
    $11,800,000.00 settlement in a wrongful death case due to the failure to properly maintain an elevator.
    $9,000,000.00 settlement in crashworthiness case where a defectively designed vehicle caused the death of a toddler.
  • A thirty-nine-year-old Pittston woman confined to a wheel chair following her inoculation with swine influenza vaccine. READ MORE
  • A compromise and settlement totaling over $3,500,000 in a wrongful death case of a former Dunmore High School football star. READ MORE
  • After years of pain and mismanaged health care, a Luzerne County man said he will at least be able to pay his bills for the rest of his life. READ MORE
  • A Wilkes-Barre lawyer has obtained a $3,200,000 jury award in Lackawanna County Court against a Drums company. It is the largest jury award in a non-fatal case ever handed down in Lackawanna County. READ MORE
  • A Luzerne County jury last week awarded nearly $2,500,000 in damages to a Shavertown man who became disabled as the result of a fall at a Wilkes-Barre Township warehouse. READ MORE
  • A group of three motorcycles approached victims traveling in the opposite direction. The victim was able to avoid the first two, but was struck head-on by the third. READ MORE
  • While a vehicle was traveling on Main Street in Plymouth, PA, the defendant pulled out of a driveway and struck the motorcycle, throwing the victims from the motorcycle causing injuries. READ MORE
  • A rigger erecting a parking garage fell off of the back of the flat bed injuring his right shoulder, unable to return to his pre-injury occupation as a rigger. READ MORE
  • Workers' Compensation claim settled after an inattentive driver failed to take note of the construction site, drove through the work site and struck a worker. READ MORE
    $450,000 settlement recovered for restaurant patron who tripped over a concrete curb stop after exiting restaurant and suffered a broken right ankle and left foot.
    The family of a Kingston township woman killed in a Sweet Valley motorcycle crash was awarded $350,000 under insurance arbitration.
    Forklift operator injured when unloading a tractor-trailer awarded a settlement of $300,000 after the tractor-trailer pulled away.
  • $275,000 Slip and Fall Settlement
    $275,000 Slip and fall at retail store resulting in upper body injury.
  • $225,000 settlement in premises liability case
    $225,000 settlement in premises liability case where restaurant patron tripped over dangerous condition after exiting restaurant and suffered broken ankle and foot.
  • $210,000 settlement subluxation of acromioclavicular joint
    $210,000 settlement for client who suffered a subluxation of his right acromioclavicular joint requiring surgery when an overhead television unit fell on his shoulder while a passenger on a chartered bus.
  • $175,000 Arbitration Award
    $175,000 Arbitration Award for aggravation of pre-existing cervical disc disease.
  • $140,000 Premises Liability Award
    $140,000 Premises Liability case, worker struck with fallen light fixture, cervical sprains and strains and aggravation of pre-existing cervical disc disease.
    $120,000.00 total settlement (third party and UIM) for a lower extremity fracture sustained in a motorcycle accident.
  • $110,000 settlement for left hip hemiarthroplasty
    $110,000 settlement for client who required a left hip hemiarthroplasty after falling and fracturing her left hip while a business invitee attending an event.
  • $100,000 REAR-END ACCIDENT
    Our client was involved a rear-end accident. We had the lumbar MRI reviewed, which found an acute disc herniation.
  • $100,000 settlement in premises liability at a Rest Stop
    $100,000 settlement in premises liability case where elderly Rest Stop patron slipped on wet floor, fell and broke her hip.
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