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Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Wilkes-Barre medical malpractice cases handled by the medical error lawyers of HKQ Law. Our Medical Malpractice Lawyers offer FREE Consultations for Wilkes Barre Malpractice Cases. It's hard enough to be told you have a serious health problem. It's even worse to discover that it was caused by a preventable medical error. Preventable errors have been ranked as the third-leading cause of death behind heart disease and cancer.

Medical malpractice occurs when the care given falls below the “standard of care,” which is defined as what any other health-care provider would normally do under the circumstances. It can include failure to diagnose, delayed diagnosis, surgical errors, wrong-site surgeries, medication errors, failure to administer proper treatment, failure to resuscitate or rescue, or injuries caused by medical devices or implants. Medical negligence can be brought against a doctor, nurse, other health provider; a hospital, clinic, or local, state and federal agency.

When meeting with HKQ Law Malpractice attorneys,
be sure to bring:

  • Insurance documents
  • Hospital paperwork
  • Emergency room visits
  • Medical reports
  • List of medications.


We know that a injury can leave you feeling anxious, frightened and vulnerable. The medical negligence attorneys at HKQ Law serving Wilkes Barre & Scranton are here when you have been injured due to someone else's negligence. We will schedule an initial consultation, assess your injury, and then pair your case with one of our qualified personal injury lawyers. Our lawyers will work diligently to build a comprehensive case, and keep you informed every step along the way. You can rest easy and trust that no one will work harder for you than HKQ Law.


In addition to the many skilled lawyers on Attorney Joseph A. Quinn Jr.'s personal injury team, HKQ Law includes highly skilled paralegals, nurses, support staff and technical experts who work hard to build winning cases, using cutting-edge technology and some of the nation's premier expert witnesses.


Always remember, no matter the size of your case, HKQ Law offers free personal injury case reviews. Schedule your no obligation consultation to see if HKQ Law can help you get the justice you deserve. SEND OUR LAWYERS YOUR DETAILS


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