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$4.4 Million Dollar Settlement Recovered for Airplane Crash Victims

Attorney Joe Quinn, Senior Litigation Principal of Hourigan, Kluger & Quinn Law, was the lead counsel for three families who successfully sued Executive Airlines following a fatal airplane crash in Bear Creek.

$30,000,000 Settlement in Electrocution Deaths

Attorney Joseph A. Quinn, Jr. – The families of two young Susquehanna County men, electrocuted while installing a new roof on a house, received a nearly $30,000,000 settlement after trial had commenced.

$21,000,000 Settlement Involving Man Who Suffered Irreversible Brain Damage

Attorneys Joseph A. Quinn, Jr. and Michelle M. Quinn – a 50-year-old Exeter man who suffered irreversible brain damage following a kidney stone operation entered into a confidential settlement agreement on the first day trial was scheduled to begin against Wyoming Valley Health Care System and a Wilkes-Barre anesthesiologist.

$15,300,000 – Record-Setting Verdict Against PG&W

Attorney Joseph A. Quinn, Jr. – $15.3 million verdict obtained against Pennsylvania Gas and Water company (PG&W) following four weeks of testimony in a case involving the death of a child due to carbon monoxide poisoning. At the time the verdict was rendered, it was the largest recorded verdict in Luzerne County history. An additional Read More

$13,600,000 Award After Moses Taylor Death

A supplemental insurer who reneged on a settlement in a wrongful death suit must now pay the victim’s family $13.6 million. The award is the result of a protracted legal battle over the death of 44-year-old Donna M. Kapacs. The Archbald woman’s family filed suit against Moses Taylor Hospital and others after she died at Read More

CONFIDENTIALITY OF MCARE SETTLEMENTS: Although not mandated by law, the standard Release that is required in most settlements of medical malpractice cases which includes contributions from the MCARE Fund contain a confidentiality provision which prohibits the settling party or his or her attorney from divulging details about either the case or the terms of the settlement.

The complexity of a medical malpractice lawsuit demands a team of highly skilled attorneys, paralegals, nurses, support staff and technical experts. Over the last five years, the experienced and dedicated team at Hourigan, Kluger & Quinn has recovered a record number of verdicts and settlements for victims of medical malpractice or their families.