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Confidentiality of Settlements in Pennsylvania Malpractice Cases

We would like to tell you more about the people we have represented, but we cannot. The lawyers who represent doctors and hospitals require that the terms of settlement of medical negligence matters be confidential. In fact, the Medical Care Availability and Reduction of Error (MCARE) Fund (a link to the full text of the MCARE act is provided here; the MCARE act, like any complex legislation, should not be interpreted without the assistance of an attorney), a Pennsylvania state agency which insures healthcare providers against liability for injury or death resulting from the furnishing of medical services, requires that parties settling a medical malpractice claim agree to a confidentiality clause. They even try to force the courts to “seal the records’ so that no trace of a lawsuit can be found. Their goal is to silence victims of medical negligence and their families. By silencing them, the public is not warned about the preventable medical errors that are committed every day.


As Hourigan, Kluger and Quinn addresses the concerns raised by COVID-19, the health and safety of our clients, employees and friends of the firm remain our top priority.

These are very difficult and scary times and we hope that you and your loved ones are safe and symptom free. We recognize that so many of you are understandably anxious about your health, the economic impact of this pandemic and all of the consequences of social isolation.

We also recognize that many of you are anxious about how the coronavirus is impacting the Court systems, our firm and your cases. Although all of our offices are closed, our firm has remained fully operational and we have initiated procedures that allow all of our attorneys and staff to work remotely from their homes. Each of us and our staff will respond to any emails and calls about your cases as quickly as possible.

Our Federal and State Courts have instituted significant changes in their calendars as a result of the coronavirus. Although most courthouses are closed to the public, and Hearings and Trials will be delayed for some time, there are matters that can proceed telephonically and by video. Despite these changes in the Court calendars, we are working diligently on your cases and are determined to do whatever we possibly can to assure an early and just recovery for you and your loved ones. Even under these difficult circumstances, we believe that "Nobody will work harder for you than we will."

With regard to new potential clients, we are not in a position to have an in-person new client meeting, but we will be conducting these initial meetings via phone. New potential clients should call us for a free telephone consultation at (570) 287-3000.


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