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Encourage Safe Driving With These Safe Text Apps

Texting and driving is illegal in 46 states, and the District of Columbia, yet the use of cell phones while driving plays a significant role in 1.6 million car crashes each year throughout the United States. Texting while driving puts drivers at a 23% higher risk for accidents – a 4-6 second text is equivalent to driving a football field, blind.

Dont Text and Drive Safe Driving Apps

A notification chime can be tempting. To help keep you safe, several apps have been developed to block texts while driving and encourage you to make smarter and safer decisions while you are on the road. Those apps include:

(Designed with Parents in mind)

Cellcontrol is a subscription-based service designed with parents in mind, that features a device inserted under the dashboard and an accompanying app that blocks your teen from sending or receiving texts while driving, and disables other phone features such as email or the camera while the car is moving. You’ll get a text or e-mail alert if Cellcontrol is deactivated or removed. (Android™ and iOS)

Drive Safe Mode
(Designed with Parents in mind)

Drive Safe Mode prevents texting and emailing while driving, and notifies a parent or guardian when the phone is in use and if the driver shuts off the app while on the road. (Android and iOS)


Live2Txt lets you block incoming texts and calls while driving. Your smartphone will be silenced from incoming notifications, texts and calls when you turn on the app. When you receive a message, the app will alert the sender with a customized message that you’re unable to respond at the moment. (Android)


SafeDrive is a rewards program. Simply open the app before you begin driving, and it will automatically start rewarding you with points you can use toward discounts at participating stores. The app tracks the number of points based on driving speed (at least 6mph), time spent in traffic, and distance traveled. (Android and iOS)


DriveSafe.ly features one-touch operation and auto-on that lets users interact with their phone while driving. Drivesafe.ly announces callers by name, reads text messages and emails aloud, and can be set to auto-respond without the driver needing to touch the device. (For Android)


Drivemode enables your phone to read incoming messages aloud with the touch of a button. It runs over the top of any app you’re using and breaks your phone down into various functions: Music, Calls, Apps, Destinations, and Messages. (For Android)

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If you are driving, please, stay focused and safe. Taking your eyes off the road for a moment can change your life for a lifetime.