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Bicycle Safety Tips

Attorney Michael Lombardo, Personal Injury Lawyer - HKQ Law Firm of Wilkes Barre PAAs the warmer weather has finally come to Northeastern Pennsylvania, now is a good time to review some bicycle safety tips. In addition to working at HKQ, I am also a Pa. state certified emergency medical technician. I actively work in the field with the Greater Pittston Regional Ambulance. Our ambulance crews are usually the first people you will meet if you don't practice basic bicycle safety.

First of all, bicycles have to follow the rules of the road just like automobiles. Just because you are riding a bicycle doesn’t mean you can drive through a red light!

Bicycle operators should wear light colored reflective clothing so as to be more easily seen by motorists, and consider wearing an approved helmet and other protective gear. Children under 12 years of age must wear an approved safety helmet. If you do not have a safety helmet, remember our firm offers free helmets at our annual helmet giveaway July 4th at Kirby Park.

Many bicycle operators seem to think that it is a good idea to operate against traffic. Wrong! Always ride your bicycle on the right side of the road, traveling with traffic. Signal your intentions in advance.

For more information, the State offers a useful website, www.justdrivepa.org with additional safety tips.