Attorney Kathy Quinn DePillis

Attorney Kathleen Quinn DePillis grew up in Northeastern Pennsylvania and attended the University of Scranton where she was in the Honors Program. She graduated summa cum laude with a B.A. in English and was awarded the Professor Joseph Cullather Award for Excellence in English. She attended Boston College Law School where she and her fellow partners won both the Moot Court and Mock Trial Competitions. Kathy was awarded The Joseph F. and Mary M. Gill Award for Outstanding Mock Trial Participant. She and her partners went on to win the Regional Mock Trial Competition.

After spending a few years doing medical malpractice defense work in Boston, MA, Kathy and her husband moved back to Pennsylvania, settling in the Philadelphia area. Kathy then spent the next several years working for HKQ in its then-Allentown office, doing medical malpractice defense work and trying to verdict numerous cases as lead/sole counsel.

While raising her family of three children, Kathy kept her hand in the law by simultaneously working part-time for Hourigan, Kluger & Quinn as a legal research assistant/brief writer.

In July of 2020, Kathy resumed an active full-time role in Hourigan, Kluger & Quinn’s major medical malpractice, elevator and motor vehicle accident cases.

Kathleen Quinn DePillis is the daughter of Attorney Joseph A. Quinn, Jr., Senior Litigation Principal of Hourigan, Kluger and Quinn, and his wife, Carole Quinn. Kathleen works with her sisters, Michelle and Kimberly, every day at the Firm. “I am very honored and blessed to be able to work with my three daughters, Kathleen, Michelle and Kimberly every day. The compassion, dedication and expertise they bring to the Firm is nothing short of incredible,” said Attorney Joseph A. Quinn, Jr.

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